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Classic Manicure

We’ll pamper you with our Classic Manicure! This starts nail trimming and shaping, cuticle detailing, a warm lotion massage, hot towel wrap, and the application of polish to make you feel great!

Deluxe Manicure

This treatment includes the Classic Manicure along with an exfoliating scrub that makes your hands feel like butter followed by a light hands massage with collagen hot towel wrap, and the application of polish.

Gel Manicure/with Take Off

A gel manicure is a type of manicure that uses gel to bind the polish to the natural nails. Unlike acrylic nails, the other option for manicure, pel nails are stronger and less likely to chip. The gel can also be applied over natural nails to keep them healthy and long.

Gel Polish Change/with Take Off
$20/ $25
Gel Polish Add-On Extra

**All manicure tools are sanitized before use.


Spa Pedicure

This pedicure includes nail trimming, shaping, cuticle and sole care. Nail grooming followed by scrubs, foot massage, moisturizing lotion massage with hot towel wrap, and the application of polish.

Callus Buster
Deluxe Spa Pedicure

This pedicure includes nail trimming shaping, cuticle and sole care. Then been treatment with callus blaster then slathered sugar scrubs follow with minty peppermint mask and hot towed wrap thorough massage to relieve your tired feet and polish.

Luxury Spa Pedicure

Pamper and moisturize your feet with this pedicure! It includes sea salt soak, nail trimming and shaping, intense callus treatment, cuticle detailing, peppermint mask, and hot towels wrap. Further, a hot candle massage, hot stone massage and paraffin wax treatment are done to release tension and stress from your muscles. We finish with the application of polish.

Cranberry Cosmo or mint whiskey sour pedicure

Rejuvenate in a bubbly spa soak, nail and cuticle trimming, exfoliation with a scrub, bubbly mask application to cleanse and moisturize, hot stone massage, collagen socks treatment, and the application of a polish of your choice.

Green Tea & Cucumber Martini Pedicure

Enjoy detox with volcano spa soak, followed by nail shaping, cuticle trimming, exfoliation with a scrub, collagen mask with warm towel wrap, hot stone massage with collagen lotion, collagen socks treatment, and the application of a polish of your choice.

**All pedicure tools are sanitized before use.


Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the hardest and strongest nail enhancement. It’s great for people who are hard on their hands and nails

Full Set
Long Nails
Add $5
Add $5
Gel Polish Add On
Extra $15

Dipping Powder(SNS)

Dipping Powder (SNS) is a type of nails that involves repeat dipping of your nails into a powder that then hardens on your nails. It’s thin, lightweight and helps your natural nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of vitamins and calcium.

Dip/With Take Off
Dip with Tips
Ombre Overlay Full Set Dip/Acrylic
Ombre Full Set with Tips/ Acrylic
Dip With Manicure
Dip Take Off
Add $10
Manicure Add On

Solar Nails (Pink & White)

We host a collection of pink and white sculpting powders tailored to enhance the natural look of nails.creating the ultimate French manicure. It hides flaws and created a longer nail bed. Its the best choice for French lovers!

Full Set
Fill-In Pink & White
Fill In Pink

UV Light Gel

Here a liquid gel is used to sculpt nails without being abrasive on the nails while giving it a wonderful shine! This is an alternative method if you are allergic to acrylic nails.

Full Set


For Children under the age of 10

Princess paradise manicure/with Gel
$15/ $25

Treat your princess to nail cutting, shaping, and buffing! A light massage with shimmering vanilla lotion is also done, followed by the application of polish and nail art on thumbs.

Princess paradise pedicure/with Gel

Make your young girl feel like a princess when she dips her toes into this peppermint soak! This is followed lotion massage is also done. We finish the treatment with the application of polish and nail art on the big toes.


Polish Change

Nail Repair
Cut Down

Polish Change – French

Nail Design
Kid's Hands/Feet

(For children under 10 years of age)


Microblading with touch up
Microblading & Shading


Full Set $120 | Fill-ins $60+
Full Set $150 | Fill-ins $75+


Half Legs
Half Arms
Full Arm
Full Legs

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